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Replacing Expensive And Wasteful Paper Towels With World Class Hand Dryers

When it comes to running an energy efficient and cost-conscious company, there are simple steps you can take to become one. One of these steps involves replacing your paper towel holder or holders with the best hand dryer. Electric hand dryers are extremely powerful, effective and visually appealing. Here are some of the reasons replacing your paper towels can be advantageous in the long run and leave you with more capital to spend on other areas of your business.

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

Keeping customers happy is most likely one of your priorities and installing hand dyers is one way to do so. Not only does it show customers you value the environment and sustainably, but it also eliminates the potential for a paper towel run out which can leave customers fed up or frustrated. It can also lead to cleaner bathrooms because the trashcans are less likely to overflow or look cluttered.

The power of hand dryers is another important factor to consider. People are constantly on the go and your customer’s time is valuable. An electric hand dryer can take their hands from wet to dry in 12 to 15 seconds while using minimal energy. Additionally, when you seek out the best hand dryer, you will discover how quiet and non-disturbing hand dryers can be.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

The amount of waste generates form paper towel consumption is astronomical, and your carbon footprint does make a difference. Seeking new ways to reduce it is a great way to become a more energy efficient company. In fact, 100 people can wash their hands with an electric best hand dryer for the price of a single paper towel. It only costs you roughly $.42 for 1000 washings when you install hand dryers. This proves how cost effective and energy efficient installing electric hand dryers and removing non-biodegradable paper towels from your business can be.

Paper Towels Are Expensive

Despite the initial cost of purchasing hand dryers, the savings add up rather quickly and the return on your investment is substantial. An average restaurant can spend over $700 on a paper towel every year and can provide the option for their customers to dry their hands for less than $40 thanks to hand dryers. It can also save you money by freeing up your maintenance staff’s time. They will no longer have to refill paper towel dispensers and trashcans multiple times every day.

With all the benefits of replacing paper towels with hand dryers, it would be worthwhile to make the switch as soon as possible. Reducing your carbon footprint and allowing your maintenance staff to focus their time on other areas are just two of the numerous benefits.

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