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Signs it’s Time to Call a Masonry Repair Contractor in Chicago, IL

Masons work with stone, brick, concrete, and mortar. They create, repair, and install masonry on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Property owners can read on to find out about a few of the signs it’s time to call a masonry repair contractor in Chicago IL.

Bowed Brick

Bowing happens when the bricks in an outer wall cave-in or jut out in certain areas because of moisture damage. Moisture can also warp concrete in commercial structures and damage wood and plaster in residential homes, further contributing to bowing. Masons can remove the bricks to fix the damage behind them and ensure that no further moisture damage occurs, then rebuild the affected section of the building’s outer wall.

Vertical Corner Cracks

Vertical cracks aren’t necessarily an indication of imminent catastrophic damage, but they do allow rainwater to seep into the walls. It’s cheaper to hire a masonry repair contractor in Chicago IL to repair vertical cracks early than it is to pay for more substantial repairs after that moisture has already wreaked havoc on the inner wall. Most masons will simply fill the cracks using an epoxy or urethane injection and install expansion joints to remove stress from the corner of the building.

Compacted Bricks

When bricks lose their original shape or crack, it can cause serious problems. Even one compacted brick can allow water to seep into the wall and, even worse, it will lead to further compaction damage because the affected brick will no longer place pressure on those surrounding it. The damage will spread if left unchecked, so it’s best to call a masonry repair specialist immediately.

Mortar Deterioration

Masons use mortar to hold bricks or stones together. When it starts to deteriorate, the bricks loosen and rub up against each other. If the damage is minor, masons can usually replace deteriorated mortar using a process known as tuck pointing, but if it’s allowed to persist unchecked, the wall will eventually need to be rebuilt.

The Bottom Line

It’s always best to hire a mason as soon as issues appear than to wait until minor problems turn into catastrophic damage. Contact Business Name to schedule an evaluation today.

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