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Signs for a Pool Liner Replacement in Long Island, NY

Backyard pools can bring their owners and guests great enjoyment and relaxation, but only if they are properly maintained. Pool liners typically last at least a decade without causing any trouble, but they don’t last forever. Harsh weather and pool chemicals take their toll, and this can lead to trouble over time. It’s important for pool owners to know when to look into Liner Replacement in Long Island NY. Below are a few common warning signs that the need for replacement is imminent.

Cracks and Tears

Over time, pool liners begin to deteriorate. This makes them more likely to tear and crack, leading to leaks. Even if these leaks are small enough to be invisible to the naked eye, they will still lead to lost water in the pool. An outright tear will lead to quicker water loss but can be easier to repair. If numerous small cracks are present, there are often multiple smaller leaks occurring. Monitor the level of water in the pool for at least a week. If it is beginning to drop despite the presence of visible holes, Liner Replacement in Long Island NY will likely be necessary.

Stains and Fading

Both the chemicals needed to keep pools clean and the ultraviolet rays from the sun will eventually lead to fading. If it is substantial, it can be a sign of serious deterioration. The liner will become increasingly more brittle, which will lead eventually to the development of cracks and tears. The situation is not urgent, but the liner will likely have to be replaced within a season. Pool owners who notice rust or algae stains may also want to consider replacement, as these often cannot be removed.

Slipping and Stretching

If it appears as though the top edge of the liner is slipping off of its track, it’s likely that the liner is becoming stretched. Vinyl liners are supposed to be fairly elastic, and when they lose this elasticity, it can lead to slipping and sagging. This will inevitably lead to lost water and loose fittings around pumps and skimmers. There is no way to repair a stretched liner. It can only be replaced. Contact Sky Blue Pools for more information.

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