Situations in Which to Call for Tennis Court Resurfacing

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Tennis courts are subjected to a great deal of abuse from hard pounding balls and the stress of tennis shoes. All of this stress can lead to an unplayable court. In order to make the court accessible for play, the surface of the tennis court does need to be addressed upon different occasions. This is to maintain the integrity of the field so that the ball bounces as it is intended to.

Prior and during tournament play, the tennis court resurfacing Sturbridge MA needs to be addressed. Starting with a pristine surface gives all players a chance to utilize their game styles. Over the course of the tournament, the rough play will deteriorate the surface. Starting with a fresh surface in the later rounds is crucial in giving all players an equal chance to win. This resurfacing might be needed for final rounds due to the amount of games the surface has already absorbed.

Wet courts may also need some resurfacing done. This is especially true if it has been raining for quite some time and the tennis courts haven’t been allowed adequate time to dry out. If the water has just been sitting there, it may soak into the court and change the surface. Balls that once bounced may fall flat on wet damaged surfaces. The tennis court will have to be evaluated to determine if this is needed after a prolonged rain session.

Seasonal use will also require tennis court resurfacing before the first game of the season is played. Time, exposure to weather and wandering animals can damage the surface of the court. The court surface may also lose some of its flexibility as a result. This can make play extremely unpredictable as the balls don’t bounce the way that they should. Because the tennis courts are usually rough after non-usage, the resurfacing will help get things back into shape.

Tennis courts face different kinds of challenges. Most of them are related to game play and the things that the weather can throw at them. Resurfacing is a way to get everyone back on an even playing field so that the game can go on. Contact Premier Sealcoating MA for more information on resurfacing a tennis court.

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