Steps For Working With A Construction Company In Amherst, MA

by | May 30, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

In Massachusetts, new home buyers work with contractors to make decisions about their properties. These choices begin when a budget is defined. The budget determines what options are available to the buyer. A Construction Company in Amherst MA helps the buyer begin this process.

Defining the Size of the Property

The dimensions of the lot defines the size allotted for the home. The contractor helps the buyer determine where the property should fit within the lot. They set up parameters based on what fixtures the buyer wants situated around the property. These parameters could help them use a collaborative effort to come up with an exterior design for the property.

Choosing the Right Home Plans

The buyer chooses a home plan based on the interior features they want most. The contractor shows them plans based on these preferences. They also define what options are available based on the buyer’s budget.

The Home Inspection Process

The home inspection process begins after the foundation and framing are installed. The contractor must acquire permits for each stage of the construction. The progression of the permits is based on approval from a building code inspector. The inspector evaluates each stage to ensure that the project meets the specifications of local building codes. At each stage, the buyer also has the right to review the construction. They have the opportunity to make modifications at the end of each phase.

Completing the Purchase

To complete the purchase of the property, the buyer must acquire a mortgage loan. This loan is transferred to the builder during the closing. The closing allows the lender and the attorney to evaluate the fulfillment of certain requirements. This includes the acquisition of homeowner’s and flood insurance as directed by their lender.

In Massachusetts, new home buyers have more choices than those who choose existing structures. They also gain warranties and guarantees for new installations. This includes the entire HVAC system. The contractor provides the buyer with information about warranties and guarantees. Buyers who need to evaluate the requirements for a new home purchase should contact a Construction Company in Amherst MA or find more information here today.

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