The Benefits of Quality Garage Floor Epoxy

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Floor & Roof

Garage floors, especially in the United States, are pretty much all the same. They tend to be made of concrete that is then finished or polished to a smooth finish. Though that finish might seem smooth on the surface, it’s actually quite porous and rough. That porous, rough nature is the reason so many stains can develop and cling to a garage floor. If you’ve ever tried to wash your garage floor, you know how difficult that can be. Oil stains seep into the pores of your concrete floor and cling there for decades.

Hot tire marks, gasoline stains, and other fluids set in deep in your garage floor and stay there until you replace the floor. That’s because concrete has billions of tiny holes that act as receptacles for stains. The only way to get them out is to pressure wash, which is expensive and messy, and tends to erode the quality of the garage floor. What other option do you have?

Finished Garage Floor

You should find a company that applies a garage floor epoxy finish. This epoxy finish is great for several reasons. The first reason it’s so great is that your floor will be protected from damage in the future.

Epoxy is a general term that applies to a wide range of different resins. They tend to be polymer-based resins that are non-porous and non-stick. They’re capable of sealing all of the tiny pores in your concrete floor so that stains cannot set in.

In addition to making the floor stain resistant, garage floor epoxy tends to look very good. When properly applied, it tends to be a thick, opaque substance. It’s applied as a fluid that eventually sets and becomes hard. However, since it’s applied as a liquid, it can seep into pores better and cover the floor more completely. Resin is scratch resistant as well as stain resistant.

Scratches are one of the most common kinds of damage to garage floors. Floor jacks, tools, and other objects can easily scratch a concrete floor. Epoxy, since it is a resin, doesn’t scratch easily. Moreover, resin can be colored to fit practically any aesthetic.

Aesthetic Considerations

Garage floor epoxy can be colored to fit just about any style. Imitation granite is one of the most common and most popular types of resin. With a resin, you are able to create a look that closely resembles actual granite without actually paying the price for granite. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for the product, plus several more thousands to have it imported and installed, you can apply an epoxy for a fraction of the price.

A granite imitation epoxy is a wonderful choice for aesthetic as well as durability reasons.

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