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The Importance of Maintaining Safe Garage Door Springs in Kissimmee, FL

A garage door with faulty springs is dangerous. The springs hold the weight of the door so you can easily open and close it. Either by hand or with an opener, it’s easier to open the door when the springs are in good shape. But garage door springs don’t last forever. You might eventually need garage door spring repair in Kissimmee, FL.

Garage door springs must maintain a high-tension. And over time, the springs will become less effective. It’s just that after years of being opened and closed daily, the springs become weak.

You might notice that your door seems to weigh more. It actually weighs the same. But when the springs are weak, they’re no longer supporting the door like they should. The door feels heavier when you manually open or close it.

The garage door opener can struggle as well when the springs are weak. It’s because the opener is carrying the extra load no longer supported by the springs. A sign is that you’ll actually hear that the garage door is under additional strain. It might sound louder or the door might open and close slower than usual.

Time for New Springs

Old garage door springs can break and cause serious injury or damage. If you suspect your springs are failing, it’s best to get them inspected right away. For garage door spring repair in Kissimmee, FL, contact Business Name.

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