The Purpose Of Tuckpointing

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Tuckpointing is an art form, something that has been done since the development of bricks and mortar. Over time the mortar joints between bricks can deteriorate, this can be caused by weather or physical damage. Poor mortar joints are the leading cause of water getting behind the bricks and causing a great deal of hard to repair damage.

Tuckpointing contractors in Chicago are masters at removing damaged mortar and “tucking” new mortar in its place between bricks. It sounds simple but in reality it takes a great deal of skill and patience to do the job right.

Do you think your masonry needs tuckpointing?

Wise homeowners keep a sharp eye out on the condition of their home. When it becomes apparent that there is a problem starting with the mortar it is something that should be attended to eary, before bigger problems develop. You may need tuckpointing services if:

  • You see a white “lime” streak on the surface of the brick

  • You see gaps in or missing mortar between bricks

  • You see cracks in the mortar

If you think you have spotted a problem lightly scrape the mortar joint, you will quickly know if it is deteriorating and crumbling.

The importance of tuckpointing:

Tuckpointing is an important component of house maintenance, if mortar failure is not attended to water will seep into the structure and do damage. In the Chicago area the problems can be even worse due to the constant freeze-thaw cycle; this can cause so much mortar damage that bricks may come loose from the structure.

Tuckpointing contractors in Chicago know from experience that the frequency of the work depends on a host of factors, most important being the weather. Sooner or later all mortar joints will need attention, usually after 25 or 30 years at best.

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