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Three Signs Your Roof Needs Fixed Or Replaced in Plymouth, MA

Is your roof having issues? You probably don’t’ even know it is if you are like most homeowners that don’t’ think about their roof until it is too late. Your roof is the most important part of your home when it comes to protecting what’s inside of it. Heed the following warnings from your roof that you may need to have it fixed or repaired soon by a roofing company in Plymouth, MA.

Drooping or sagging

If you notice drooping or sagging in the roof when you look at it from the street, it’s a clear sign that the roof needs repairs or maybe even a full replacement. Moisture has taken its toll on the structure of the roof over time.

Shingles missing or shingle dust in the gutters

The shingles are the outer protective layer of the roof and are a great indicator of symptoms that mean your roof is in for tough times to come. If you notice groups of missing shingles on your roof or pieces of shingle in the gutter, it is time to call a roofing company in Plymouth, MA.

Damp attic

If you notice that your attic is more humid than usual, it means that moisture is probably getting into the attic through the roof. Even the smallest leaks in the roof’s structure will develop into bigger problems eventually. Remember, if lights can get in, moisture can get in, so it’s a good idea to check your roof with a light test in your attic at least annually. Call Waterman Building & Remodeling today if you are experiencing any of these issues with your roof.

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