Three Things You Should Know Before Engaging with a Home Building Company in Las Vegas, NV

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Construction Company

Building a home is an exciting journey that can be challenging and rewarding. Whether you are a first-time homeowner or looking to upgrade your current living situation, it’s essential to do your research before engaging with a company specializing in home building in Las Vegas, NV. Here are three things you should know before starting the building process:

The Change Order Black Hole

One of the strangest aspects of working with a company offering home building in Las Vegas, NV, is how seemingly minor changes can turn into major financial sinkholes. These changes, often called change orders, can occur when you decide to tweak the original design or materials. For instance, switching the type of flooring in just one room might lead to unexpected delays and substantial additional costs. Builders have to adjust schedules and order new materials, which can contribute to escalating expenses.

The Power of the Weather

It might seem odd, but the weather can significantly impact your home-building timeline. Most people don’t realize how much builders rely on good weather conditions. Heavy rains, extreme temperatures, and high winds can delay various stages of construction, from pouring the foundation to installing the roof. These delays can even push back your move-in date.

The Standard Misconception

When a home building company discusses standard features, don’t assume they mean top-of-the-line amenities. The term standard in builder jargon often refers to the most basic options available. For example, standard kitchen cabinets might be of lower quality material, and standard countertops could be laminate instead of granite. If you have specific expectations about the quality or type of materials, clarify what’s included and be prepared for potential upgrades with higher price tags.

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