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Three Tips for Choosing Home Improvement Contractors in NYC

If you have heard about some home improvement contractors in NYC nightmares, you may be hesitant to get that work done that you want. Following these three tips are going to help you avoid your own personal contractor nightmare story.

Tip # 1 Check the Credentials

If a contractor is offering you what seems to be a very low ball quote for the job, do yourself a favor and check their credentials. A lot of times a contractor that is not licensed is willing to beat out every other offer because they are not registered and they are not paying insurance. You can save money but the fact is you are taking a tremendous risk and will have little to no recourse should there be a problem. Just skip the group of contractors are not licensed and registered.

Tip # 2 Get it In Writing

To protect yourself be sure that your contractor is willing to put everything that they promise in writing. Talk is cheap and it does not hold up in court so you want to be sure that everything that is done is done via a written agreement. Having everything is writing is the best way to conduct business for everyone. You will know what to expect and the contractor will know what is expected!

Tip # 3 Look for Experience

It is perfectly permissible to ask home improvement contractors in NYC if they are experienced in the type of home renovations you are considering! The right contractor will not have a problem sharing this information with you and even be willing to provide references.

Taking a little extra time in choosing your contractor will save you a lot of stress and aggravation down the line. Tidy Up NYC is a good option for home renovations!

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