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Tips For Selecting A Pipeline Construction Company In Calgary

With the focus on the oil and gas industry in the city of Calgary and the surrounding areas, producers have a choice of many different pipeline construction companies. As the oil field continues to be a market driver, the number of companies moving into the area is constantly increasing, which can provide oil and gas producers with a range of companies to choose from on their next project.

Not all of the service contractors that are offering their services in the city are local businesses. It is not uncommon to find advertisements and even bids from a pipeline construction company that may be outside of the country. By focus your choice of a pipeline construction company on a Calgary-based business, you have several advantages for the construction, installation and the maintenance phases of the project.

Past Work Experience

When selecting a pipeline construction company, experience should be a primary consideration for any oil and gas producer. Look for specific Alberta-based projects in the company’s portfolio, and also consider the actual number of years in the industry.

Some companies, like Platinum Pipefitting Inc, bring two decades of both a tie-in and mainline pipeline construction service experience. This is instrumental in advance troubleshooting and determining any issues that may pose a challenge during the installation. By creating solutions for these issues before the project begins, everything can be managed on time and budget.

Quality Control and Industry Standards

The best pipeline construction company for any job has a stellar reputation for maintaining full quality control in all aspects of pipeline construction and maintenance services. They should be able to install pipes of different materials to industry standards and requirements, while also maintaining a top safety rating on the job.

Researching the various companies before choosing one for pipeline construction is an essential part of getting any pipeline project started. Information about pipeline companies is readily available online, making these searches easy to complete.

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