When the Time Comes to Get New Roofing in Rochester, MN

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Roofing

Homeowners may start to panic if they see missing or broken shingles on their roof and think they may need a new roof. However, the fears may be ungrounded, as the issues may just be something that requires a roof repair, especially if the roofing material isn’t that old. There are signs that homeowners can look for that will probably indicate that is time to get a roof replacement, but only a professional roofer can confirm that need. A roofing contractor that provides Roofing in Rochester MN wants potential customers to know some of these signs.

Signs of Needing a New Roof

The first place a homeowner will want to inspect when suspecting the need for a new roof is the attic where, if there are rays of light beaming through, indicate a need for major repairs. This usually means the roof has a leak and may have been leaking for a while, indicating a possible need for replacement. If the roof is near its life expectancy, and there are lots of leaks or missing shingles, it may be time for a new roof.

More Signs of Needing a New Roof

Another area to check is the gutters. If they are full of shingle granules, it could indicate the need for a roof replacement. If a roof has begun to sag or is drooping, a roofing contractor should be called quickly for an estimate because it will need to be replaced. The flashing around the chimney or the vents could be leaking if it was not properly installed or is cracked. To be sure of the state of the roof, the homeowner can call a roofing contractor to inspect the roof.

A Roofing Contractor in Rochester, Minnesota

Homeowners in Minnesota will be able to find many roofers for their homes by looking on the Internet or their Yellow Pages. Steve Gentry Construction is a contractor that provides roofing and general construction services to customers in Rochester and the surrounding areas. If a homeowner needs a contractor to install new Roofing in Rochester MN, the contractor is available. More information can be found on the Visit the website

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