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Why Choose A Veterans Cremation in Gainesville, FL Over A Burial

Each year, there are more and more people choosing to be cremated rather than being buried in a cemetery. This is especially true for military veterans. There are many valid reasons why people are choosing Veterans Cremation Gainesville FL, and here are just a few of them.

Much Less Expensive

The cost of cremating a body is approximately 40% to 50% less than a traditional burial. This cost-effectiveness is very important, especially to those families who have limited access to veterans benefits. When a body is cremated, there is no need to have it embalmed nor is there really a reason to have a headstone. This can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for the family.

Cremation Is Green

A cremation is much more friendly to the environment than a burial. When bodies are buried, they have to be embalmed first, which requires large doses of toxic chemicals. The very act of burial also takes up much-needed space in the Earth as well. Some people argue that cremation sets off carbon emissions, which is true, but the technology is always improving, so the process of Veterans Cremation Gainesville FL is becoming more “green” as time advances.

Less Of Religious Conflict

Most religions have eased up on their restrictions in regards to what happens to the body after the person is deceased. For instance, one of the most stringent religions in regards to cremation was Catholicism. However, the Catholic Church began allowing cremations back in 1964. There is also the case of people just not being as religious as they were in previous generations. This has led to a lack of feeling that a burial is absolutely necessary to remain compliant with their spiritual beliefs.

A Wider Variety

When a body is buried, that’s it. It is in the ground and it will not be seen again. However, when a body is cremated, the ashes can be turned into many different things. Some people have their ashes added to jewelry or formed into a diamond, while others have had their ashes placed in a memorial reef in the ocean.

To learn more about cremation and if it is a good option to ponder, contact Crevasse’s Simple Cremation Inc. Their friendly and sympathetic staff can answer any and all questions the family may have. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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