Why Professional Stump Grinding in Annapolis MD Is Better Than Do-It-Yourself Work

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Tree Service

Stump Grinding in Annapolis MD theoretically can be done by someone with little to no experience, but that’s generally inadvisable. The work is labor-intensive and has the potential to be hazardous. Hiring landscape managers who have already ground down dozens or hundreds of stumps and know exactly what they are doing is a better option.

A Challenging Project

It’s even more important to hire professionals when two or more stumps are close together. This work is more challenging than tackling just one. Maneuvering around these large, hard protrusions may be difficult enough without operating grinding equipment at the same time.

Cleaning Up Afterward

After Stump Grinding in Annapolis MD, the workers clean up the yard and take all the waste material away unless the customer has asked to keep it for some reason. The leftover wood will be in chips and shreds, which can be useful for mulch in gardens. It may not be aesthetically pleasing enough to use as decorative mulch around trees and shrubs.

Filling the Space

The empty space where the stump was can be filled in with soil and covered with grass seed or a patch of sod. If the customers prefer to deal with that situation on their own, the work should be completed quickly, as these types of holes in the yard can quickly become hidden and become a serious tripping hazard.

Stopping New Shoots

To stop new shoots from growing up from the roots, the property owners may apply herbicide to the area as needed if they are comfortable with doing so. If they want to avoid putting toxic chemicals in the yard, they can chop off any new shoots as soon as the plants pop up.

Not every root system continues to behave this way, so it may not be a problem in any case. The workers from a company such as Ballard Enterprises try to destroy as much of the root system as possible, which includes the bundle just underneath the stump. They cannot reach all of the roots, however. Anyone interested in having stump removal completed may Get more information at the website.

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