Why You Should Choose Pole Buildings in Post Falls, ID

by | May 28, 2024 | Construction & maintanance

Pole buildings are for more than just barns. They’re versatile and offer an array of benefits for anyone looking for a new building for their property. Check out why you should consider pole buildings in Post Falls, ID.


The thick columns of pole buildings can withstand severe storms and high winds. A sturdy building is a must if you’re planning to store anything of value inside, such as vehicles, animals, or crops. They should also be sturdy if you use them to host events with lots of people.

Smaller Foundation, Smaller Cost

Pole buildings are built with sturdy columns, so they don’t require a basement foundation like stick frames. Because of this, the cost of laying a foundation will be considerably cheaper. Additionally, if you want to expand your pole building late, you won’t have to dig out more space for the foundation.

Because pole buildings don’t require an extensive foundation, the construction is much quicker than a traditional building. It’s also easy to construct custom pole buildings in Post Falls, ID, so you can choose a layout and color scheme you like.

Commercial Use

Most people think of barns or garages when pole buildings in Post Falls, ID, are brought up. Pole buildings have more to offer, especially for commercial use. They can be used as large warehouses, for storage, or even events. Pole buildings also don’t require interior walls, so they’re an excellent choice for a business that needs to optimize space.

For information on constructing pole buildings in Post Falls, ID, contact Badger Building Center to discuss your options for a new, sturdy building customized for you.

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