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The Advantages Of An Automatic Hand Dryer

It’s fair to say that the majority of people are familiar with an automatic hand dryer. It is a rather simple device that has numerous advantages. A hand dryer is certainly cost effective when you consider having to constantly replenish a paper towel dispenser, they are energy efficient, they prevent vandals from stuffing the toilets with paper towels and they are more hygienic and certainly they are friendlier to the environment.

There are different types of hand dryers:

The primary difference in hand dryers is the way in which they function. Some less expensive models still operate by pushing a button; a better choice is a automatic hand dryer, one that operates when a hand is in close proximity to a sensor. The majority of push button operated dryers stay on for about a minute or a little more, sometimes that is enough time to dry the hands, sometimes it is not. An automatic hand dryer turns on when you want it to and turns off when you have decided your hands are dry; it does not operate for less time than is needed or more time which simply wastes power. The automatic feature is a great energy saver.


With the ever increasing awareness on the part of the public about transmitted disease and bacteria, more and more building managers are replacing their paper towel dispensers with an automatic hand dryer. Although there is a need to hire an electrician to install it, the fact that they save so much money over time, the additional expense is easy to recover.

An automatic hand dryer is beneficial to the building management and most certainly beneficial to the public that comes and goes in the building. A hand dryer is always available; the same cannot be said for paper towels.

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