The Benefits of Tin Ceiling Installation in Westchester, NY

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

While many building exteriors are made of metal, it is see widespread use as a ceiling construction material. Tin ceilings are fire resistant and available in a variety of finishes, and they can increase a building’s cooling and heating efficiency. Read on to learn some of the other advantages of Tin Ceiling Installation Westchester NY.

Increased Strength

Tin panels are less likely to break and crack than traditional drop ceiling panels, but they still allow access to space above. Most commercial buildings run wiring and ductwork through the void above the ceiling, which makes easy access important. With tin ceiling panels, owners can make it easy to maintain the building’s systems while protecting them from damage due to dust and moisture.


Unlike gypsum and plaster ceiling panels, metal ceiling tiles can last for decades with proper maintenance. Over time, softer materials can break down and become less effective. However, tin ceilings can last as long as a building stands if they are properly maintained and occasionally repaired by a licensed contractor.

Better Acoustics

It can seem counterintuitive to think of metal as a muffler or insulator, but a Tin Ceiling Installation Westchester NY can help to redirect or absorb sound. Metal acoustic tiles with mineral wool or fleece inlays can provide speech clarity and sound absorption not found in other ceiling materials.

Improved Appearance

Tin ceilings are available in a variety of finishes, textures, and styles. Tiles can be coated in any color, and they can offer a variety of looks to suit any décor. If the building owner doesn’t want to paint the ceiling, they can get metal ceiling tiles in brass, copper, aluminum, and steel finishes. Tin ceiling tiles are available in a variety of shapes to give users a range of aesthetic options.

Many people believe that metal ceilings are heavy and expensive, but they are actually quite light and cost-effective. With all the benefits of Tin Ceiling Installation Westchester NY, customers can get a ceiling that’s low-maintenance, fire resistant, and cost-effective to repair. Visit today to learn how to get the benefits of a stylish, attractive tin ceiling.

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