Some Benefits of Using Aluminum for New Railing Installation in Hawaii

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

When property owners consider Railing Installation in Hawaii most of them rightly have safety as their first concern. By choosing the right railings, though, more than safety advantages can be conferred. Unlike their more traditional wrought-iron and wooden counterparts, aluminum railings are inexpensive and built to last without constant upkeep. Below is a categorized run-down of just a few of the many advantages of installing aluminum railings on a private or commercial property.

Increased Safety

Over time wood railings will begin to decay. Wrought iron and steel will rust at the joints. In comparison, properly installed aluminum railings can last for many years without falling prey to these issues.

Easier Maintenance

Wrought iron and wood railings need to be painted each year to prevent natural decay. In comparison, aluminum must be coated only every few years to keep it looking beautiful. Plus, even if the paint gets scratched, it does not have the same detrimental effects, as aluminum does not corrode as quickly as its more traditional counterparts under most weather conditions.

Increased Flexibility

Choosing aluminum for a new Railing Installation in Hawaii gives property owners a level of flexibility in their design choices that other options do not allow. Custom shapes can be chosen instead of resorting to the more limiting stock shapes available for wood and wrought iron..

More Environmentally Responsible

Aluminum is a safe and responsible environmental choice as well. It is one of the most frequently recycled materials on the planet, as it can be recycled into new materials without substantial degradation. Other railing materials often end up in a landfill when they have run their course of usefulness. Aluminum railings can instead be sent to a scrap yard, where they can be recycled and used for a wide variety of other purposes.

Why put off providing for the safety of everyone on a piece of property when aluminum railings provide such a simple solution? Learn more online today. Property owners who know they need new railings installed but still have questions or concerns about what materials to use, or other design considerations, can also contact Structural Systems Inc with questions or concerns.

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