Some Causes of Home Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

by | May 10, 2017 | Foundation Repair

Foundation issues can present themselves in a number of ways with some being subtler than others. Knowing what might cause you to need home foundation repair could help you significantly reduce the cost later on by helping you get help early. If you give yourself the right information from the start, it should be relatively easy to spot something going wrong in the future.


During extreme heat, a lack of moisture in the soil will cause it to contract and shrink away from a foundation, leading the structure to shift and settle over time. If you are in the middle of a long dry spell, it cannot hurt to call for home foundation repair in Houston, TX just to be sure that you do not have a problem in the works. If you fear the settling began long ago, you might see the signs as cracks throughout the structure of your home in either the inside, outside, or both.

Unwatered Trees

If you fail to keep any trees or large foliage near your property hydrated, it is not uncommon for the plants to soak up all the available water in the soil, which can lead to a situation similar to drought conditions. Houston home foundation repair would then be necessary to handle the damage and help you fix the problem before you experience more. The faster that you react to the signs of settling, the lower you should drive the repair cost.


Leaks in your plumbing system may also lead to home foundation repair because they cause the foundation of a home to begin drifting in the soil. This can in turn lead to cracks along many areas of the home, especially around the area that has experienced the worst settling. Only a highly skilled and experienced company can help you discover the source of the leak and stop the problem before more damage can be done.

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