Residential Foundation Piers: An Effective Method of Repairing a Significantly Damaged Slab Foundation

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Foundation Repair

For many people, a home built on a slab foundation will remain secure for many years. While this is technically true, there are situations where the structural integrity of the home can be compromised because of a damaged slab foundation. In these situations, a basement or foundation repair company will need to come out, inspect the problem, and determine what fixes will need to be employed to ensure the foundation is strong and the home is structurally sound.

When a home uses a slab foundation, before the slab is poured, the ground is properly prepared to ensure it can support the weight of the slab foundation and the home. The proper grading and compacting are done and, sometimes, different types of soil and gravel are used to support the foundation. Over time, especially in situations where moisture seeps into the soil around or under the foundation, the compacted soil can begin to shift. This shifting is powerful enough to move the foundation. The entire foundation can move or, as is more common, pieces of the foundation will move, causing the foundation to become cracked. This can lead to significant structural issues inside of the home.

While there are a few methods for shoring up a compromised slab foundation, one of the most effective methods is Residential Foundation Piers. This is where long metal piers are attached to the outside edge of the foundation. Small metal support stands are moved underneath the edge of the slab and the piers are driven deep into the ground. This helps to level a shifting foundation and keep it in its place. It also offers tremendous structural support so the foundation will remain strong and offer the right type of support for the housing structure.

Residential Foundation Piers are a foundation work, which is why it is used for only the most compromised slab foundations. However, this sort of foundation repair will keep a slab foundation strong for as long as the house stands. If you need to know more about this or other types of foundation repairs, you may want to go online and check out a website like  You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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