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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Service in Monument CO for Fencing Installation

If a homeowner wants to install fencing on the property, they should ask contractors certain questions before making a hiring decision. By doing some research and vetting each Home Service in Monument CO, the customer will be more satisfied with the results they receive. Here, homeowners can learn which questions to ask when hiring a fencing contractor.

Are There Samples of Past Work?

The best recommendation is a satisfied customer, and reliable fence companies should be willing to provide examples of past work. If the company does a quality job, they’ll be proud of it and want to share it with potential customers.

Is the Company Insured?

The last thing a homeowner wants during fence installation is to find themselves in trouble because the company lacks the insurance to cover an on-the-job injury. Before hiring a contractor, verify the company’s insurance coverage.

How Does the Company Avoid Buried Electrical and Water Lines?

Though most homeowners don’t think about it much when adding a fence to their property, underground utilities must be avoided during construction. Fence installation can damage these lines if contractors don’t take measures to avoid them.

How Long Does the Job Take?

Though it’s difficult to give precise estimates, a reliable fence contractor should be able to give a reasonable idea of how long it will take to finish the job. During Home Service in Monument CO, it’s only natural to wonder how long it will take.

What’s the Warranty on Products and Labor?

Knowing the length of the contractor’s warranty gives customers an idea of the quality to be expected. If the warranty is longer, it signifies the company will stand behind its workmanship and products.

From attaining additional privacy to allowing pets to freely roam the yard, there are multiple reasons to install fencing on a property. By asking the above questions of a fencing company, a homeowner can ensure that they’re hiring the right contractor for the job. For the highest possible level of quality and service, area homeowners can count on the pros at Affordable Services Inc. Call or click today for a free estimate.

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