Signs it is Time for Lighting Repair in Miami, FL

by | May 8, 2017 | Electrical

Modern homeowners rely on their lighting fixtures to keep things in their home illuminated. However, they don’t think about them when an electrical problem comes up. Some think that just changing light bulbs from time to time is enough to ensure home lighting fixtures continue to operate safely. However, a lack of knowledge can wind up being extremely dangerous. Some of the signs Lighting Repair in Miami FL is needed can be found here.

Strange Sounds when Lights are Turned On

When electricity is flowing properly, it won’t create any sound. However, if there are gaps in the circuits, it may result in the current jumping, which results in popping, buzzing, and humming sounds. If a homeowner notices their lighting fixtures make noise when switched on, it may be because of a broken connection or a bad wire. This may even result in sparks. If the light fixture emits a burning odor or throws sparks, it is important to call for Lighting Repair in Miami FL.

Excessive Heat when Used

When a lighting fixture is properly installed and well-maintained, it will minimize the ambient heat created when it is switched on. If the wattage of the fixture is exceeded or it doesn’t have plenty of insulation, a person using it may notice warm pockets nearby. If the issue is not fixed, it may result in the fixture overheating, especially if the light is left on for long periods.


If the gap in the circuit is too large, the light may flicker because the current is unable to jump fast enough to stay steady. In some cases, the loose bulb will result in flickering and the homeowner will need to call for repair services. In some cases, the electrical system may be the culprit for this issue but, in other cases, the problem will lie with the fixture itself.

If a homeowner notices issues with their lighting fixtures, they should not ignore the problem. It is only going to get worse as time passes. Additional information about lighting fixture repair can be found by contacting the staff at Bates Electric Inc. Being informed is the best way to keep fixtures in good, working order.

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