Why Residents Hire Electricians to Install Structured Wiring in St Charles, MO Homes

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Electrical

Just a few years ago, any St. Charles homeowner who had cable TV and a desktop computer considered themselves on the cutting edge of technology. However, technology has moved so fast in the last 15 years that professionals like Cain Electric are now adding wiring that can fully automate homes. Through the use of Structured Wiring St Charles MO, electricians can add dozens of custom features to new construction or retrofit older structures to fit owners’ needs.

A Definition of Structured Wiring

When they talk about Structured Wiring St Charles MO, electricians are referring to a range of products. “Structured wiring” is actually a generic term used to describe systems that send data signals throughout a home. They can range from telephone and television wiring to ethernet cables for computers. The systems can become backbones that let homeowners:

 *    Share devices like fax machines and printers

 *    Send files between computers

 *    Have multiple phone lines

 *    Play Blue-ray or DVD discs in one room and watch in another

 *    Install security cameras and see the images on home TVs

 *    Benefits of Structured Wiring Systems

Homeowners who want neat, well-organized, affordable cabling systems often reach out to experts via sites like and schedule structured wiring assessments. Because it is easy to customize structured wiring, contractors can suggest options that suit each client’s needs and budget. Once installed, the unique systems are easily upgraded to fit future needs. Structured cabling essentially creates an organized infrastructure. That makes it easy for technicians to troubleshoot future issues or make upgrades. Homeowners also enjoy reduced power and cooling costs.

Electricians Can Wire Old and New Homes

Since structured wiring is so customizable many homeowners add it when building new homes. They can choose basic cabling for TVs, phones, and computers or extend systems to create “smart homes” that allow them to control almost every device. Electricians will also retrofit older homes with modern wiring and automate historic structures without disturbing any original architectural features.

Electrical contractors can install structured wiring that brings advanced technology into homes. Structured wiring organizes cabling and makes upgrades simple. Contractors can customize wiring for both old and new homes.

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