Masonry In Newton MA Can Turn A Building Back To Its Original Condition

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Minor cracks in residential brick veneer, structural damage to new or historical buildings, and foundation cracks due to a variety of reasons, requires Masonry in Newton MA Precise mortar matching and staining takes careful attention to detail, so it matches the surrounding structure. The Mismatched mortar of a building is very noticeable even to an untrained eye. An experienced mason will know exactly how to mix and install the appropriate material to make it look like new again. Failing to have cracked mortar repaired or replaced will lead to further water damage and deterioration. A small cosmetic crack can leak water into the interior of a building very quickly. In addition, it’s unsightly.

Structural damage to any part of brick or block is a serious issue and should only be repaired by a Masonry in Newton MA. Masons can restore the building’s integrity and find matching brick for those that cannot be salvaged. In addition to water, masonry structures can be damaged by vehicle or construction accidents, and severe storms. The damage could be just cosmetic, but an owner won’t know until they have it evaluated by an experienced masonry company. Homes that settle can develop cracks. If a load-bearing wall that carries the weight moves off of their marks, it can seriously compromise the stability.

A foundation that has settled can cause interior signs to develop within a structure. In the basement, a concrete block or masonry wall can develop a bulge or bow in the middle. Water will begin to seep into the basement through small cracks. The floor will not be level in the basement, and there may be a separation between the foundation wall and the sill plate. Sticking doors and windows that won’t properly open and close are a sign there are problems in the basement. Cracks in the drywall will begin to appear near the upper corner of a door or window.

Repairing masonry is an art and takes extensive training and knowledge to complete it correctly. If you’ve had damage to your brick, block, or stone of a wall, foundation, driveway, building, or any other location, please find more information by speaking with an experienced mason.

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