Consider Glass Doors in Philadelphia, PA for Your Front Entry Door

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Doors and Windows

Curb appeal is a term used frequently in the real estate world to describe the impression a house makes on visitors when viewed from the street side. Factors impacting that impression are the landscaping, condition of the home’s roof and siding and, perhaps most importantly, the front entry door. People tend to gather on the front porch waiting to be invited into the home, so having a beautiful entry door will leave a desired lasting impression.

Common types of entry doors include solid wood, fiberglass, and steel. Glass doors in Philadelphia PA create a stunning alternative to traditional entry doors. Not only do they allow natural light to penetrate but might also save a bit on utility bills as interior lighting can be reduced, and the sunlight also warms the interior, reducing the need for supplemental heat.

Glass entry doors don’t have to be limited to clear glass either. Decorative choices include etched or stained glass available in full panels or as side-light options. A distinctive option is a sandblasted design etched into the glass panel by one of three methods. The least pricey method is known as etching or frosting and results in an opaque effect providing a level of privacy but still admitting sunlight. Another type is shading, which allows the design or image to gently give way to clear glass. The last type offered is the most labor-intensive and expensive.

It combines aspects of the other methods but results in a design that appears almost three dimensional in appearance. For a modern, contemporary flair, one should consider choosing Glass Doors in Philadelphia PA that pivot on hinges. Providing a clean, classic look they are low maintenance and offered in a wide variety of configurations. All-glass French doors are an alternative option to ordinary patio doors, allowing for elegant passage to the veranda or balcony.

Get more information by visiting your favorite door and window retailer to discover the styles and options available in glass doors. Many manufacturers of glass entry doors provide superior architectural frames, varying degrees of glazing, tempered glass, and seals that limit air and noise transfer.

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