Considerations Regarding Siding Repairs in Dublin Ohio After a Hail Storm

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Severe hail storms are not a common occurrence in the area of Columbus, Ohio, but they can pack a wallop when they do descend on the region. After large hail pelts houses and business structures, Siding Repairs in Dublin Ohio may be necessary. Hail blown by strong winds can dent aluminum siding and punch holes in the vinyl. A related problem involves heavy winds that blow branches and cause damage to siding. Hail usually causes more widespread damage to the side of a house, whereas a big branch that hits a house typically strikes a relatively small spot. Either way, however, property owners want the effects of this weather activity resolved as quickly as possible. Home and business insurance will pay for the repair and replacement work, after the building owner pays the deductible.

One infamous hail storm that occurred in recent years in central Ohio caused more than $51 million in damage, and that total only accounts for damage covered by property insurance of one sort or another. About 6,250 of the claims were from homeowners, totaling more than $37 million to siding, roofs and exterior drainage systems. It can be impossible to track monetary figures when people must pay for repair and replacement work out of pocket. Homeowners and business owners who needed Siding Repairs in Dublin Ohio counted on the expertise and prompt service by regional contractors to get their buildings back into proper condition again.

Dented aluminum siding generally can wait for repairs, but other types of hail damage must be dealt with more quickly. Vinyl siding that has been cracked or punctured by hail must be replaced promptly or covered with tap to prevent rainwater invasion through the compromised areas. A company such as Arrow Roofing & Siding can accomplish the repair and replacement tasks as well as manage damage to roofs and drainage gutters. In some storms, roofs and gutters get the brunt of the impact because the hail comes straight down instead of being blown by wind. Property owners trying to figure out what to do about hail damage may begin with the website

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