The Importance of Professional Commercial Snow Removal in Randolph NJ

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Landscape Planning

Hiring a professional service for Commercial Snow Removal in Randolph NJ has several advantages for a business property owner. Most of these individuals do not want to do their own snow removal and probably don’t have the equipment for it either. Commercial snow removal often entails very inconvenient hours, as the parking lots and sidewalks must be clear before normal business hours start. In addition, with a professional service, the property owner knows that the job will be done correctly and won’t lead to problems such as ice accumulation in certain parts of the parking lot or on other paved services.

Removing stubborn ice tends to be significantly more difficult than plowing snow. When temperatures hover around freezing, snow can easily melt into rivulets and thin puddles, which later refreeze as the temperatures drop. Trying to track down these problem areas on paved surfaces and use de-icing materials is a challenging task, if not an impossible one. In addition, many de-icing chemicals are hard on concrete and should be removed before they cause damage. That adds more work for a property owner who chose to avoid hiring a professional service to do Commercial Snow Removal in Randolph NJ.

In addition, experienced snow plowing personnel tackle the project with a plan in mind. They determine where they will move the snow so a dump truck can easily pick it up. They also know where to put the snow to cause the least inconvenience to anyone coming to the parking lot. That means keeping as many spaces open as possible until the white stuff can be hauled away.

Without practice, skill and the right equipment, snow plowing a parking lot can lead to frozen raised areas of snow that weren’t removed and had since turned to bars of ice. They constitute speed bumps in places where speed bumps were never meant to be. That is annoying to customers, employees and other visitors to the site. It also can make a bad first impression on people who think the property owner can’t afford snow plowing service or doesn’t care about the condition of the pavement. A company such as Bednar Landscape Services does the job right.

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