Adding Privacy Features to Office Building Glass in Arlington

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

When an office or a store wishes to add some privacy to the interior of their building, they have a few options available to obtain this. When the front portion of a building has large panes of Office Building Glass in Arlington, the privacy factor becomes a concern. People will be able to peek inside the building as they walk past, possibly disrupting the employees working inside. Here are a few ways a company can increase privacy when they have large glass windows on the exterior of their building.

A glass company can come to the business to apply window tint directly to the panes. This is done in the same manner as when tinting a vehicle only on a larger scale. Because the windows are so big, using a professional is recommended to handle the application of tint. They will bring in a large roll of the film and apply it to the interiors of the windows using water and a squeegee. The end result will be windows that appear darkened from the exterior of the building. The employees inside will still be able to see outside. Some tints do not alter the interior portion of the window at all.

If the windows are installed in a store, then using promotional materials to cover areas when privacy is wanted can be an option. Place large sale posters on the windows so the interior is less likely to be noticed. Distractions like lighting or mannequins showing off clothing sold inside the building can also be used to block the view to the inside portion.

Using window coverings is another option the business has in hiding the interior from the public. Blinds, drapes, or curtains can be custom-made to fit larger windows. The downside of these is that there will be no natural light let into the building when they are in use.

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