Leave the Practical Concerns to a Building Demolition Company in Minnesota

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

When you think of building demolition, it probably calls to mind images of giant skyscrapers being torn apart by wrecking balls and giant explosions. Although these methods are sometimes used in demolishing larger structures, there is much more to the process than most people think. Building demolition requires a lengthy bureaucratic process before the first steps towards physical removal are even taken. There are permits to be obtained, notifications to submit, and a host of safety concerns and plans that must be made according to the specific demolition site. A Demolition Company in Minnesota then needs to remove hazardous materials, including asbestos, disconnect the utilities, and perform rodent baiting before the building can begin to be torn down.

These safety measures are designed to ensure that no damage is done to surrounding properties, and no one’s health or safety is placed at risk. These plans and how they are excavated will depend largely on the size of the building. Wrecking balls are still sometimes used in the demolition of skyscrapers in order to reduce the building down to a manageable size, as is a technique called building implosion. Both of these scenarios come with some inherent danger. Wrecking balls mounted on cranes can be hard to control, and even a well-controlled explosion can be disastrous in a populated area if it is not performed correctly. Flying debris and partial failure are just two safety concerns that come to mind. Because of this it often takes months of preparation, removing any potential projectiles and insulation, before beginning the actual tear-down process.

With modern equipment and technological advances, often the use of these showy but quite dangerous methods is unnecessary. High reach and remote controlled miniature excavators can ensure a safer demolition by tearing down larger buildings one floor at a time, from the inside out. Once a building has been reduced to only a few levels, the demolition process is fairly simple. Hydraulic excavators and other heavy equipment can control the direction in which a smaller building falls.

With all of these options and considerations, it’s important to hire a demolition company in Minnesota that has experience and all the necessary equipment to take all necessary safety precautions and get the job done right.

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