Avoid Roof Failures With Quality Residential Roofing in Burleson, TX

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Roofing

The roof of a home is one of its most important features. It protects the building from the elements and can make the home look great. Unfortunately, an aging or failing roof can turn a beautiful home into something shabby and result in some fairly expensive damages. For instance, a long-term leak can saturate the decking and cause it to rot, but that same leak can also destroy the rafters and joists that support the structure and allow the roof to cave in. Thankfully, residential roofing in Burleson TX can eliminate these concerns by replacing the roofing or repairing any structural damages.

The typical roof uses a layer of asphalt shingles over an engineered wood decking. This tends to work well as long as the shingles are of a decent quality. However, property owners in the Burleson area have to worry about hail, so budget grade shingles just aren’t good enough. In fact, the best choice for most homes is Class IV shingles because this product is designed to handle high impacts. Another possibility is laminated shingles. Laminates are composite shingles with one or more layers of roofing material placed on the back side, which results in a thicker product and better protection.Asphalt isn’t the only option for Residential Roofing in Burleson TX.

Steel roofing solutions can provide the homeowner with a roof that will last for many decades. Steel roofing comes in a variety of types including a stamped steel sheet that can simulate several roofing styles. However, the most common choice is standing seam panels because they help control the way water drains from the roof. Standing seam is typically placed so that water always drains to the closest edge. This allows the gutter system to channel the water quickly and reduces the chance of foundation failure from excessive water buildup.

A home with a functional asphalt roof may still be a candidate for metal roofing because it is possible to install steel roofing over asphalt. This will require the contractor to place battens on the roof. Battens are used to secure the metal in place and are the main reason this technique cannot be used on a failing roof. Installing steel roofing this way may also be better on the budget because there is less debris to deal with. Click here to learn more about residential roofing options.

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