Considering Your Options in Boston, MA Garage Flooring

by | May 29, 2019 | Flooring

One of the challenges of any Boston homeowner is to choose a balance in home upgrades that are within the budget, but that also add value to the home. A great example of this is upgrading your garage from a basic concrete floor to a more protective and visually pleasing garage flooring option.
There are three common options that most people will consider. There is the lowest cost option of garage floor paint, the middle of the road option in do-it-yourself epoxy coating kits and the higher price of professionally installed
epoxy garage flooring.

When looking at samples in the local hardware or home improvement store, all will have the same smooth finish, the great coverage of the coating on the sample as well as a solid distribution of color. Unfortunately, in a few weeks, months and years of use, only one of those samples will look the same as the pristine sample in the hardware store.

Paint Issues

While garage paint is very easy to apply and very low cost, it has the shortest overall life as well. Paint will lift in areas where hot tires drive across the surface or stop. Paint also be easily scraped with equipment in the garage or damaged by exposure to chemicals and fluids.

Do-it-yourself Epoxy Options

Like paint, the do-it-yourself epoxy kits are designed to be very easy to apply. This flooring option usually lasts longer than paint, but the floor preparation has to be done to the instructions, including sanding the surface to allow the epoxy to adhere.

Professional Installation of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

The choice of professional installation of an industrial epoxy garage flooring in Boston, MA offers the best option for any home. The top companies offer a lifetime warranty on the floor coating, plus it can be customized to meet your garage colors and style. Some of the best companies can create the look of natural stone, giving you the look of granite, quartz or terrazzo on a surface that never peels, flakes or lifts.

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