Contact the Mold Abatement Specialist in Stamford, CT: A Smart Call

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

How do you know that your home or business is clean and healthy when you discover that there’s a mold problem on the property? Your first step should be to contact a mold abatement specialist that has the experience to eliminate this potential health issue and protect your investment as well. If there’s been excess moisture somewhere in your home or you’ve had a roof or plumbing leak, there’s a good chance that moisture has contributed to mold growth.

Professional Service

When you get in touch with the experts at Chase Environmental LLC, the process can begin with a detailed inspection to determine the level of mold present. You should never try to remove the mold on your own, simply because doing it incorrectly may contribute to more problems rather than reducing or eliminating the issue. You could be putting people at risk of health problems, some of them major medical conditions.

Hire a mold abatement specialist in Stamford, CT and you can always rely on getting a complete and thorough cleaning of the property. This will help keep the mold spores from spreading, though some may always be present in the air of your home or business. With professional assistance, you have the best chance to contain spores. They do their best to keep mold from getting into heating and air conditioning systems. If your property needs a complete duct cleaning, the experts can let you know this immediately.

The Source

While you may feel that you can clean up existing mold and end the problem, a professional will understand that it’s essential to find the source of the moisture and mold growth. This is an important part of their overall task, a process that can include detailed testing for mold. At this point, it’s time to design a plan that will remedy your specific mold issue.

Contact Chase Environmental LLC today to get started toward a mold-free, healthy environment.

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