What Is Stone Pointing In Philadelphia, PA

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Older brick buildings require a lot of detailed work to keep them in tip-top shape. The craftsmen who work on these buildings are well-trained masons. Repair and cleaning jobs should be handled by a reputable company adept at stone pointing in Philadelphia, PA. Go on-line and look for companies that promise to maintain the integrity of buildings.

Brick Repair Starts With The Joint

Mortar joints are spaces between bricks that are filled with mortar. Years of exposure to the elements causes the material to deteriorate. If this happens, rain and snow get inside, leading to mold and mildew. Companies that are experts in stone pointing in Philadelphia, PA know the importance of matching the mortar. It looks horrible to replace mortar with something that does not match the entire building.

Also, the wrong mortar causes further deterioration of existing brick. Experts analyze the original mortar and find something similar to use. Indeed, many older buildings contain mortar made from limestone, shells and other natural materials. Further, the building may be missing some bricks. Check with several architectural salvage companies to find bricks that are comparable.

Steady Hands Required
The first part of the restoration process is removing old mortar. Old mortar needs to be removed to a depth equal to the width of the joint. The work is done my hand with a chisel on the oldest buildings because the risk of damage is so great. Modern cement mortar may be removed with a circular saw. Power tools are used only in the middle of wide horizontal joints. A hammer and chisel are used for the rest of the job.

Stone Pointing

Stone pointing is the actual process of laying new mortar. Masons lay mortar in several layers starting with the deepest joints first. Generally, a layer is a quarter of an inch, and the Mason lets the area dry before adding another layer. Cleaning the entire building may be necessary if the company is having difficulty matching the mortar. Most older buildings are dirty, and cleaning may bring about a match. A low-pressure water jet, without any chemicals, is used for cleaning. Chemicals and high-powered machines can damage the existing brick. For more information, visit the website.

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