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Creating Drainage on Hard Surfaces With the Help of a Concrete Contractor

Property owners with drainage problems on their land may be concerned about having a driveway or sidewalks constructed, worrying that water will pool rather than properly draining. One option would be to have a Concrete Contractor install rectangles of the material instead of one long surface. It’s true that this costs a bit more for installation and can require some extra maintenance, but it can be an attractive and effective surface for driveways and footpaths. The concrete blocks fully support vehicles parked on them.

There are two primary methods for creating this type of concrete feature. One is to have the underlying plant growth eliminated and add a gravel substrate over the soil and then place the cement for paved rectangles. Decorative pea gravel is a possibility. Property owners who don’t want to rake gravel back into place might choose sand or sandy soil instead. The alternative method is to have the concrete contractor place the material in a design that will allow grass to grow between the hard surfaces. The property owner then must keep the plant growth trimmed if a manicured lot is desirable. The advantage of this strategy is that grass and other plant growth will reduce heat along the paved surface. Both of these solutions allow rainwater to quickly drain into the earth in a relatively even manner instead of running off the sides of a long and wide hard surface or turning into puddles along the pavement.

This strategy works for sidewalks and garden paths too. People avoid getting their feet wet by having to tramp along the rain-soaked grass but no puddles or areas of significant run-off develop. Especially in a garden, the placement of concrete rectangles can convey the illusion of a stone path that looks more natural than one long paved surface. There, the property owners may want to allow grassy areas to grow a bit wilder, covering the straight edges of the blocks.

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