Protect That Property With Reliable Roofing Services in Appleton

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Roofing & Restoration

There are few things worse than returning home and discovering that water has ruined the ceiling, walls, and floors. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know when a leak may occur or even how long the failure has been developing. For instance, a leak around roof details such as vents or flashing often takes a while before it gets past the secondary membrane. Unfortunately, when water reaches most modern decking materials they do not survive for very long, and there is nothing else to keep it out. Reliable Roofing Services in Appleton can help by inspecting the roof for any signs of damage such as shingle failures, poor caulking or water stains and making the required repairs.

Roofs are composite structures that consist of a layer of decking placed over a skeleton of rafters and joists. Over the decking should be a membrane such as roofing felt or tar-paper and a final material to keep out any moisture. Most new roofs make use of an engineered lumber such as OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood for the decking material. Plywood uses multiple plies or veneers that are sandwiched together. This design makes it strong and very durable, but plywood is also the more expensive of the two products. OSB is a series of wood strands that are placed, so they give the material strength. Both products use a resin to bind them and extreme pressure during the curing process. The problem arises when the wood fibers get wet because moisture makes them swell and break any bonds they have with the resin. Expert Roofing Services in Appleton will need to remove either all or some part of the existing roof to replace the damaged decking.

Another reason to seek out a reliable roofer is to ensure quality products are being used. It may seem like a good idea to use those budget grade shingles, but these products tend to have very short and limited warranties. More reliable products such as laminated shingles provide a durable roofing solution that can last for decades. Plus, they tend to come with longer warranties. In some cases, the warranty may last for the life of the home. Granted, warranties are not a guarantee that the roof will not develop a leak, but they are an excellent indicator as to how long the material should survive. Find more information from the website.

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