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Don’t Wait Any Longer To Have Foundation Crack Repair In Baltimore Performed

What causes cracks in a foundation? The hydrostatic pressure from water against foundation walls will cause cracks in a foundation. Sealing a crack requires the knowledge and experience of a foundation repair company. A homeowner should never risk the structural integrity of their home by trying to seal the cracks themselves.

Cracks in a foundation area clear indication an owner needs to take action before further and more expensive repairs are needed. Foundation Crack Repair in Baltimore should be performed with a foundation waterproofing system. Repairing the cracks without eliminating the water problem will only lead to more damage and an increased chance of mold developing within a home.

Simple Changes

For some homeowner, simple changes can reduce the water that is causing hydrostatic pressure against a foundation. Clogged gutters and improper grading around a home can lead to damage to a foundation. If a homeowner has the gutters cleaned and the pitch of the gutter is correct, it will eliminate a lot of the water problem.

Grading around the foundation of a home should be slanted away from the home for water drainage. Downspouts should be extended at least six feet away from a home to reduce the chance of water damaging the foundation. Sealing around windows and doors in the basement will also help reduce water leaks into a basement.


When Foundation Crack Repair in Baltimore, the crack will have a V-groove placed in it and it will be sealed with hydraulic cement. When this part of the process is complete, removal around the foundation walls needs to take place.

A trained technician will remove approximately three feet of the concrete and install gravel and perforated PVC pipe into the ditch. The technician will connect the pipes together and extend them to a pit. The pit will have a pump that pushes the water out of the home, and the ditch will be covered with concrete.

Groundwater pressure that is not being removed from your foundation by French drains will ruin your foundation. Leaks can cause shifting of the foundation and instability in your home. Don’t wait any longer to have the cracks repaired, please Visit the Website.

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