Flat Roof Installation in Canton MI Can Work Well for Single-Family Residential Structures

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Roofing

Pitched roofs are by far more common on single-family residential structures than flat roofs are. Nevertheless, some homes have flat roofs as an important part of the house design or even as an original effort to save money instead of having a pitched roof constructed. For flat roof installation in Canton, MI, property owners want to hire contractors who have extensive experience in work, which will help prevent problems from developing in the near future.

Modernistic and Minimalist Designs

What kinds of residential architectural styles work best with flat roofing systems as installed by a contractor such as New Roof Inc.? Many of these designs look ultra-modern, with clean lines and a lack of exterior adornment. The modernistic style has been popular on and off since the 1960s, although it officially began in the early 1900s as a minimalist movement. Many people are familiar with the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the premier masters of this modernistic style.

These homes can be seen scattered in neighborhoods throughout the country. Some houses also have a combination of peaked and flat roofs for an intriguing effect. Both types can be installed by professional roofing contractors. See the website  for information on one particular company.

Climate Considerations for Michigan Residents

Flat roofs are not especially common for residential buildings in Michigan because they can have a tendency to collect water instead of allowing it to drain away. These roofs do have a low slope that is intended to shed rainwater and melting snow, but water accumulation can still occur. In addition, during winter, heavy snow is more difficult to remove from a flat roof. It can’t be raked away by a person standing on the ground. In contrast, much of the snow that accumulates on a pitched roof can be removed that way.

Improvements in Flat Roof Installation

However, as long as flat roof installation in Canton, MI is done with the right materials and conscientious labor, it can still be a reasonable choice for homeowners. That’s especially true in the 21st Century, as manufacturers have improved materials to be more watertight than ever before and labor techniques have also been perfected.

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