Fire Damage In Colorado Springs Should Only Be Repaired By An Experienced Company

by | May 29, 2018 | Renovation Service, Restoration

When a building has suffered fire damage, it’s important the owner takes quick action to begin restoring the home and personal belongings. Even if the fire doesn’t consume everything in a home, the acid from the smoke will immediately begin to rust metal items and cause staining of the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, drapes, and everything inside. The longer a homeowner waits to contact a company that is experienced in fire damage in Colorado Springs, the more expensive the cleanup will be.

Smoke Damage Is Not Always Easy To See

Soot from a fire is not always easy to see until a wet sponge or cloth is applied to a surface. Without the right cleaning products, the soot will smear and turn into an oily surface and create a larger mess.

Remediation Process

A company who is experienced with Fire Damage in Colorado Springs will identify and understand the health concerns that can affect individuals within a home. They will identify things that need to be dealt with to return a home to its original condition. A fire damage company will work closely with the owner and the insurance company processing the claim.

How Fast Can A Fire Damage Company Arrive?

A restoration cleaning company knows that fires can happen at any time and are available 24 hours a day. They will arrive within one hour of receiving a call for service.

Mold Concern With A Fire

When a fire occurs, the water used to put it out can cause a mold problem in the home. If mold begins to develop anywhere in the home, a restoration company will be able to safely remove it. They will also protect the rest of the home from the mold spreading and disinfect the area.

Salvaging Items

After a fire, some items can be cleaned to remove soot or smoke. A restoration company will do everything they can to save an owner’s personal property. Anything that is removed from the home for cleaning will be carefully documented for the insurance company and the owner.

If your home has suffered fire, mold, smoke or flood damage, quick action should be taken. For more information about restoration services, please contact us.

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