Flood Damage Restoration in Orland Park, IL: Who’s Responsible When a Rental Property is Flooded?

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Restoration

Water damage is one of the most unfortunate issues a renter or homeowner can face. The aftermath of a flood can be quite devastating, making a property unlivable and causing permanent damage. When an apartment floods, who’s responsible for the cost, the renter or the property owner?

Renters’ Rights

Water damage is very unpredictable, and it’s important for renters to understand their rights and responsibilities. Generally, the landlord is responsible for maintaining the livability and code compliance of an apartment or condominium. However, a landlord might delay or refuse repairs, causing further mold growth and structural damage. Depending on the location, details vary, and renters should check with the local housing authority.

Reviewing the Lease

It’s also important for renters to know what their leases state concerning property damage. Most apartments and homes have some form of insurance that lists what’s covered and what isn’t. A lease may outline actions to be taken, such as calling for Flood Damage Restoration in Orland Park IL. If the damage is so severe that the property is unlivable, must the tenant still pay rent? Can a landlord evict a tenant, or can the renter cancel the lease with no penalty? If the damage is relatively minor, the tenant generally can’t cancel the lease. If the lease’s terms are unclear, consult the landlord about responsibility for water damage.

Renter’s Insurance

Accidents are common, which is why it’s important to have a renter’s insurance policy. Many places require it before moving in. Depending on the selected plan, such policies may cover building damage, personal belongings, and the cost of lodging during repairs.

Landlords’ and Tenants’ Responsibilities

Landlords are responsible for maintaining the function and livability of their properties. Basic upkeep on toilets, sinks, and showers is their responsibility, and failure to repair or maintain these functions may lead to property damage and negligence claims. However, if a tenant leaves a fixture running and water damage occurs, they’re typically responsible for the damage.

How Flood Damage Restoration Experts Can Help

Water damage requires a quick response to minimize property losses. Contact a skilled team for Flood Damage Restoration in Orland Park IL, and they’ll work to mitigate damage and clean it up quickly. Visit website domain to learn more or to request a quote.

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