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Hand Dryers— Who Needs Them?

If you’ve ever gone into a public bathroom, then you have undoubtedly seen hand dryers. We know everybody needs these devices, but we’ve gone a step further and identified a few categories of people who purchase them. This helps us tailor our business solutions and our hand dryer products to every specific need. Here are some of the categories of individuals and organizations we have determined during our research.

Distribution Centers

We understand that not everyone who buys is bathroom hand dryers intends to install them— or even use them. That’s why we offer a range of services that cater directly to wholesalers and retailers. Some of the most valuable services we offer too this sector are clear product specs and promotional information that can be passed on as-is to prospective customers. We also offer personalized quotes on orders to distributors, just as we do to many of our commercial clients.

Construction Companies

We understand that when you’re working on a project as a contractor, a lot of the details fall directly under your responsibility. For example, a developer might know that they want bathroom hand dryers, but they don’t specify a certain brand or type. We make it easy for you to back up your choice with services like a savings calculator and demonstration units. With these, it’s easy to show to all of the stakeholders in your project that you have the right supplies for the job.

Architecture Firms

Some building projects require specific types of dryers. One example would be a LEED-certified structure. We hold accreditation from the green building council, making it easy to incorporate our products into your overall certification goals. We work with a wide variety of commercial architects and interior design firms to help build durable and compliant solutions for hospitality businesses, entertainment venues, educational facilities and many other types of projects.

Technicians and Building Owners

Sometimes the people who order our bathroom hand dryers are the same ones who end up using or installing them. We are proud to offer individualized customer service to organizations of any size. Find case studies and other tools online if you’re interested in switching your hand drying solutions or upgrading your facilities. You can also calculate the amount of money you would save if you switched over to high-efficiency hand dryers.

Whether you’re designing a major new commercial project from scratch as part of an architectural team or you’re renewing the facilities in a family restaurant, we make a point to provide the sales teams, relevant information and additional services you need to make the right choice. That means that the moment you contact us, we already have all of the product specifications, savings information and ordering processes ready to put at your fingertips. Contact us today to see just how easy it is.

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