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Ensure That A Basement Is Airtight And Complete A Basic Concrete Repair In Rockville

Concrete that hasn’t been sealed with a waterproofing agent is susceptible to damage if moisture comes into contact with exterior and interior concrete walls. A homeowner can use the following strategies to ensure that their basement is airtight. If concrete contains small cracks, a Basement Concrete Repair in Rockville can be completed with basic steps and tools.

Improve Drainage And Inspect A Gutter System

The property surrounding a home needs to be level to prevent rainwater from accumulating and posing a threat to concrete surfaces. If the land is slightly sloped, soil can be added to areas in need. Afterward, grass seed can be planted so that grass grows in barren areas.

If window wells are surrounding a basement’s windows, a thin layer of gravel can be added to the middle of each well to improve drainage. A gutter system should be inspected and any debris that is stuck inside of gutter pieces should be removed so that rainwater moves swiftly through gutter pieces and is deposited away from a home’s exterior.

Fill Cracks And Apply A Waterproofing Agent

If concrete is cracked on either the exterior or interior side, damaged areas should be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water before making repairs. A caulk gun can be used to apply patch to damaged areas.

Concrete needs to be dry before it is patched. After a patch is applied, a trowel or putty knife can be used to flatten a patch so that it is flush with the concrete surrounding it. After patched surfaces dry, a paint roller can be used to add a waterproofing agent to concrete.

Apply Weatherstripping And Caulk Around Windows And Doors

Basement windows and doors should be inspected to ensure that there are no gaps surrounding them. If gaps are present, weatherstripping or caulk can be applied. Self-adhesive weatherstripping will stick to non-porous surfaces and a utility knife can be used to trim weatherstripping pieces. A caulk gun can be used to apply caulk.

A thin line of caulk should be applied to areas in need. Additional information about a Basement Concrete Repair in Rockville and ways to protect concrete can be acquired by contacting Armored Basement Waterproofing or a similar business. Like us on Facebook.

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