Why Should Homeowners Choose Pools Made of Gunite in Long Island NY

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Swimming Pools

Deciding on having a new swimming pool put in place can bring on a lot of decisions for a homeowner. One of the biggest decisions a homeowner will need to make is the material their pool is made of. Many homeowners are choosing gunite in Long Island NY. This information will help homeowners determine if gunite is the right material for their pool.

Why Should Homeowners Consider Gunite?

In the past, traditional inground pools were constructed with a wood frame and then concrete was poured on top. This allowed for a sturdy frame but wood begins to break down over time and can lead to the need for replacement. With gunite, the life of a pool is prolonged and the materials are less likely to become damaged so a pool owner is able to protect their backyard investment and ensure it lasts for many years to come.

What Is Gunite?

Gunite pools are specially crafted with a frame that is made of rebar. Rebar can be molded into any shape to provide the framework. Once the rebar frame has been put in place, a mixture of concrete and sand is blasted onto the frame to seal the foundation and ensure the pool base is strong and ready to receive water.

On top of the cement and sand layer, a layer of decorative plaster is added. Homeowners have the option of choosing a wide array of colors for their plaster layer to ensure their pool matches their decking or home decor.

Homeowners also have the option of seeking more intricate designs in the plaster, with pebbles and polished glass adornments. These can be added to a pool to offer a unique design that makes a it become a work of art.

Check Out Your Options Today

If you are planning a new backyard pool, check out gunite in Long Island NY. This pool material will give you the long-lasting lifespan you want for your investment. To learn more about this and other options, browse our website. Allow them to help you design the pool of your dreams so you can have a backyard oasis you can be proud of.

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