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Hot Crack Filling Is One of the Featured Asphalt Repairs in Mount Vernon, VA

If your asphalt displays cracks, they need to be filled as small cracks lead to even bigger cracks. That is because any water that fills the cracks causes expansion and contraction, thereby carving out an even bigger crevice. When large cracks form, more water absorption results, which leads to a weaker foundation. When this occurs, asphalt failure can result. While small cracks lead to bigger cracks, large cracks lead to the development of potholes.

Therefore, any asphalt repairs in Mount Vernon, VA of this type should be scheduled immediately. Companies that handle these repairs recommend hot crack filling as a solution. This solution is advised as hot crack filling saves the customer money. In fact, the repair saves a customer a substantial amount of money and is approximately 20 to 30 times less expensive than a replacement.

Avoid Safety Issues

If you want to avoid the safety issues and distractions that result from cracks, asphalt repairs such as hot crack filling must be scheduled. Besides extending the life of your asphalt pavement, hot crack filling and sealcoating also slow the rate of oxidation. If not treated, cracks permit water to penetrate into the base, which leads to failure, as noted.

Making the Right Impression

Because asphalt is naturally porous, you need to schedule asphalt repairs such as hot crack filling and sealcoating periodically. In addition, keeping your asphalt maintained enhances the looks of your residence or business. First impressions count. Therefore, if you want to make a good initial impression, an asphalt pavement is a top way to do so.

While pavements expand and contract, fillers do not have this feature. That is why hot crack filling is a recommended repair. When you can work with a company that exclusively offers Mount Vernon asphalt repairs, you can keep your driveway maintenance costs low while increasing the value of your property. Again, taking these extra measures will make it possible for you to maintain the exterior of your property and eliminate risks as well.

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