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Make A Parking Lot Or Driveway Look New With Commercial Paving Repair

Cracked and pitted driveways and parking lots give potential customers and guests a poor first impression. Existing paved areas must be well maintained to last. Small cracks and potholes are easy and inexpensive to repair but leave them and they get larger and allow water to go underneath the paved surface to do more expensive harm. When rainwater gets in cracks and potholes it can freeze and thaw during cold months doing serious damage. Contacting Commercial Paving Repair companies such as Colt Concrete & Asphalt may be the best solution.

Repair VS Replacement

Building owners or maintenance managers should be inspecting all paved areas surrounding the building at least once a year. Older lots and driveways may have issues with improper installation, defective substrate, or hard use that has rendered them damaged and dangerous to use. When a paved area has small issues, the paving company can successfully repair it to look like new. Both asphalt and concrete paved areas are repairable if the damage is caught in time.

When a paved area was improperly installed with a flawed substrate or base, it may have failed to an extent that makes replacement necessary. When a parking lot or driveway appears to be in bad condition, it is time to call a Commercial Paving Repair representative. This professional has the training and experience to assess the paved area damage and its causes. Even paved areas that look bad on the surface may be repairable with the correct techniques. It all comes down to the substrate or support system.

If the paved area still has good support there is a good chance of repair. If the base is bad, the paved area should be removed, a good base installed and compacted, and a new paved surface installed. The company representative can present repair versus replace options and free bids for the materials and labor for both options. When the paved areas are properly repaired or replaced, they will last for many years with proper maintenance.

Other Services

At this time, the building owner may want to add to the paved area, change paving materials, or have additional work such as handicap ramps, signage installation, or trench drains done. For additional information contact website. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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