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by | Nov 7, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

If you are looking at options for automatic hand dryers, World Dryer is a hand dryer supplier offering a great selection of restroom hand dryers at great prices. We supply to schools, shopping centers, industrial customers, the hospitality industry, event venues, and much more.

Buy Hand Dryers, Cheap and Save Money on Operating Costs

Hand dryers are available at deep discounts, and they can pay for themselves in a short time when you compare to the ongoing cost of paper products and associated sanitation costs. Check out our great selection of air hand dryer options.

At World Dryer, we value our reputation as one of the best hand dryers suppliers around. Check out our excellent selection of bathroom / commercial hand dryers. Have questions? We would be happy to provide information. Our site has detailed information to help you make an informed decision, and our team is also happy to provide personalized assistance.

A Renowned Supplier and Manufacturer of Hand Dryers for More than Half a Century

World Hand Dryers has been in business since 1951. We’ve regularly been commended for being at the cutting edge among hand dryer manufacturers and wholesalers. In addition to bathroom hand dryers, we are also known for hair dryers and baby changing stations.

We can help you save substantially on the cost of paper towel products through our wide range of options for drying hands. We understand that your needs may vary from some of our other customers and that’s why we have a wide range of air dryers to choose from, including fast drying hand dryers as well as more economical industrial electric hand dryers as well as general washroom hand dryers.

Wondering about air dryer energy consumption, warranty, and the average lifespan of automatic hand drying products sold from World Hand Dryers? Feel free to contact us.

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