For Those Who Need Residential Roof Repair in Canton, MI

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Roofing

It is said that the average roof will last up to 25 years if there is nothing done to cause damage to it otherwise. However, there are issues that may arise with the roof that will require it to be repaired before the life cycle of the roof has ended. A contractor that does residential roof repair in Canton, MI for customers in the area has addressed many issues that commonly arise. Here are some of the issues that definitely suggest that a homeowner will need to call a professional roofing contractor.

Issues that Will Call for a Professional Roofer

If a homeowner begins to see brown spots on the ceiling, that indicates moisture has leaked from the roof to the ceiling, and a professional contractor will need to come out to repair the leak. Leaks are a major problem that causes a lot of homeowners to call for a professional roofer, and if not dealt with immediately, will end up costing a lot more money. Problems with shingles being missing, cracked or curling are also issues that may need a contractor to come out and do some minor repairs.

More Issues that Will Need a Professional Roofer

Flashing issues are sure to lead to major problems if not dealt with, as the flashing keeps the water from causing damage to the building materials and other parts of the roof. Ponding water can also become a major moisture issue if not dealt with immediately, which may require a professional roofer to determine what is causing the ponding water. If the roof gutters are becoming filled up with granules, this signifies the roof is wearing out and may need replacing.

Who to Call in Canton, Michigan for Roof Repair

New Roof, Inc. has been providing roofing solutions for residential and commercial customers in the Canton, Michigan, area for more than 41 years. In addition to residential and commercial roofing, the contractor also takes care of siding issues, window installations, and chimney repairs. If a homeowner is in need of a contractor for residential roof repair in Canton MI, the company is available. Visit the website of New Roof, Inc. for more information.

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