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Security Screen Doors Offer Many Benefits

The front and back door of your home are one of the first lines of defence when you try to secure things and keep out intruders. However, the door area is one of the weakest points of entry other than windows, which means intruders are more likely to try the door to see if they can get inside. Therefore, you may be considering security screen doors to prevent unwanted entry, and keep your family and possessions safe.

With security screens, you will be protected from outsiders, but won’t be limited as to what you can see. They are designed for privacy, but you can still see outside to find out who is knocking. Their fine mesh also prevents insects from entering your home.

Security screen doors don’t have to have bars and other ugly ornamentation on them. The screens themselves are made of tiny mesh that is unobtrusive. In some cases, that is all you will want, and it will still withstand knife cuts and more. However, many times, the door will come with metal or aluminium bars in front of the mesh, which adds another layer of protection and another barrier. These can be decorative in nature and match your overall home décor. Screens on the door can also keep insects out of your home while allowing you to keep the door open to let the breeze inside.

At CommandeX, previously known as SecureView, you will find innovative products designed to keep you safe. They’ve spent many years testing and designing their patents to come up with a system that offers higher-quality materials and a competitive price. They started out small but have grown to be one of the most popular companies in the area because of their expert care and abilities. Security screen doors are an excellent alternative to annoying alarm systems, motion lighting, and the like.

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