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Signs You Need Emergency Septic Service in Quakertown, PA

For some homeowners, the septic system is the furthest thing from their mind even when they consider doing some maintenance on their property. Such procrastination can easily lead to a costly and damaging situation, especially if the problem is allowed to escalate into a significant backup. The EPA recommends that septic systems be pumped every three to five years, but homeowners who recently bought a home or who do not remember the last time they serviced their tank should consider hiring an emergency septic service.

Sewage Backup

There are few things quite as frustrating and unpleasant as coming home to a sewage backup in one or more drains. One sign that you need to call an emergency septic service in Quakertown, PA before this disaster is an odor coming from the drain. This smell most commonly comes from the toilet or bathtub drains, the two places where sewage is more likely to come out during a backup.

Fortunately, you can call for a Quakertown emergency septic service immediately to help you find the source of the problem. Such a problem can also be caught early on if you notice bubbling in your toile. Small sewage leaks are typically black in color, which can be easily identified. Calling for service should help you address the problem early and save time and money in the process, which can give peace of mind if this was a sudden issue.


Most septic systems come equipped with an alarm to signal trouble, and you should call for an emergency septic service the moment you realize it is going off. Your system may experience high water levels for any number of reasons as well as having difficulty getting the water back out. You could also have a leak, which may be causing your tank to take on groundwater, which can be a sign of potentially devastating trouble coming your way.

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