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Signs the Time Has Come to Call One of the Septic Tank Repair Services in Magnolia, TX

Septic tanks are one of the things around the house that no one thinks about until something goes wrong. At that point, the need to seek help from a professional is obvious. Here are some of the signs the time has come to call one of the local Septic Tank Repair Services in Magnolia TX, and get things back to normal.

Soft Spots in the Yard

There are a couple of areas in the yard that seem to be softer than the rest. The ground seems to be saturated and gives a little when anyone walks over the space. If those soft spots happen to be over the septic tank or at least over one of the lines running to the tank, that could mean there is a leak. The only way to know for sure is to have a professional from one of the Septic Tank Repair Services in Magnolia TX, visit the home and take a look.

The Grass is a Little Greener

Even if the ground is not spongy just yet, the fact that the grass is greener in the area over the tank does indicate a problem. The tank could be reaching capacity, meaning it is time to have it emptied. There could also be a slow leak that is not significant enough to saturate the area, but is sufficient to add more nutrients to the ground. Before the situation can get worse, it pays to have a professional check the tank and find out what is happening.

Foul Odors in the House

No amount of cleaning or air freshener can dispel an odor that is lingering in the house. A closer inspection confirms that the foul smell is coming from the drains. That could mean the septic tank is backing up into the main plumbing system. In this scenario, the only thing to do is call a professional and arrange for the tank to be emptied as soon as possible.

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